ok i did my nails physicsy because physics season is nearly over and nail season is here!!

from left to right:

SHM with inclined plane, A prism with diffraction of white light, a circuit with resistor, pendulum motion, projectile motion! ; A PV-graph, a Free Body Diagram, a double-convex lens diagram, my pinky literally is just “-e” for electron, and my thumb is the Giancoli Book (Fifth Edition)!

Thank you Giancoli, for being my guide; thank you Macauley, for being my teacher; thank you friends, for your support!!!!! lets celebrate the end of physics season together!!! c: c:

tomorrow i plan to list the things ill be able to do now that physics is over (or, almost over :p). look forward to that readmore!! anyway i oughta stop clogging your dash so bye

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